Hearing Aids - How to Clean Them

Hearing Aids - How to Clean Them

You can avoid hearing aid damage by keeping them clean. It is good to keep a good routine of cleaning your hearing aids at home so they continue to work at an optimal level. We also recommend that you come in to have a regular professional cleaning from time to time. Hearing aids can be damaged because they have to function in your ear which is a warm and damp environment, to keep them in good working condition they have to be regularly cleaned.

To clean your hearing aids you need some tools and a regular routine. You can buy the right tools from your hearing aid provider or online. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will guide you as to the best tools for your hearing aids. Specific hearing aid devices such as cleaning brushes, wax picks and a soft cloth are common, avoid using alcohol or other chemicals that can damage the casing and electronics within your hearing aid. Try to prevent moisture from reaching the hearing aid when you shower, the best time to clean your hearing aid is at the end of the day when you put it away.

To clean a behind-the-ear hearing aid use a wax pick to remove an earwax that is on the device. Remove the hook from the earmold and wash with water and mild soap. Then make sure it is completely dry.

To clean an in-the-ear hearing aid use a soft brush to clean out all the microphone ports and other holes. Make sure as you softly brush the device to remove all buildup and once you finish you can wipe the device with a clean soft cloth.

If you have any questions about your hearing aids or you feel they need a professional cleaning do not hesitate to make an appointment and come and see us. At JS Hearing Aid Service we strive to make your hearing aid experience the best possible and we want you to get the most benefit from your hearing aids. Our expertise will enable you to receive the best results from your hearing aids. We look forward to hearing from you and Happy Holidays!